ALDREES Petroleum & Transport Services Company uses state of the art technology to handle customer service in an efficient and cost-effective way. To prove responsive to customer needs and gain a clear competitive advantage, the company has introduced the Electronic Fueling System (pumps equipped with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) named (WAIE) to render a secure, convenient and cash-free service to customers.


  •     Offers cashless automatic refueling
  •     Automated system ensures that you get the specified fuel for your car
  •     The system contains the plate number, type and model of your car
  •     It is flexible - daily, weekly, or monthly fuel allocation
  •     Online monitoring and reporting
  •     Secure and saves fueling costs
  •     Dedicated technical support & customer service

Avail our WAIE service in two options:

  • TAG - Attached on fuel lid of your car or vehicle. Powered by RFID tags (applies to specific cars only).
  • SMART CARD - Exclusive for smart cardholders.

Sign-up for your membership now and enjoy the advantage of WAIE smart e-fueling.

WAIE Registration

How WAIE Works?