Mercedes, Volvo, Man and other world class trucks and trailers are regularly and watchfully operated to serve the interests of customers around the clock. Through ALDREES' own fleet management system pin-pointing and constantly monitoring the real-time traffic of trucks is well observed. With uniformed and highly skilled drivers totaling to 1260 and 400 qualified and well-trained employees (technicians + admin staffs), the extremely varied customers' base is surely witnessing on-time deliveries ticking beyond the achieved 90% rate. Safety, speed limits, loads, insurance and quality of service are not compromised for the sake of achieving such a rate. 

Heavy Fuel Oil / Bitumen Tanker

Flat Bed

Grains Dumper

Petrochemical Tanker

2-Axle Base Oil Carrier

Cement Bulker

Curtain-Sided Trailer

Heavy Material Dumper

2-Axle DOP Tanker

2-Axle Fuel Tanker

3-Axle Base Oil Tanker

3-Axle Fuel Tanker