Aldrees Petroleum and Transport Services Co.(ALDREES) announces the board of director’s recommendation to distribute cash dividends for 2023

1445/07/16     28/01/2024 09:10:53

Element List Explanation
Introduction The Board of Directors of Aldrees Petroleum and Transport Services Co. in its meeting held on 25/01/2024G corresponding 13/07/1445H has recommended the distribution of dividend to the shareholders for the year 2023G
Date of the board’s recommendation 2024-01-25 Corresponding to 1445-07-13
The Total amount distributed 75000000 SR
Number of Shares Eligible for Dividends 75000000 shares
Dividend per share SAR 1
Percentage of Dividend to the Share Par Value (%) 10 %
Eligibility date The eligibility of the dividends for the Company's shareholders who own shares at the end of the day in which the Company's General Assembly is convened and who are registered in the Company's records at the Securities Depository Center Company (Edaa) at the end of the second trading day following the date of the General Assembly which will be announced at a later date.
Distribution Date Will be announced at a later date
The name of other official authorities and the details of their non-refusal to the recommendation or decision Nothing
Additional Information We would like to draw the attention of the non-resident foreign investors that the cash dividend distribution which is transferred by the resident financial broker is subject to (when transferred or credited to the bank account) withholding tax of 5%, in accordance with the provisions of article (68) of the income tax law, and article (63) of its implementing regulation.