Aldrees Petroleum and Transport Services Co.(ALDREES) Announces the Deposit of Sums Resulting from Selling Fractional Stocks Following Increase of the Company’s Capital in the Accounts of Eligible Shareholders

Action Type Increase
Introduction Aldrees Petroleum and Transport Services Co. (ALDREES) announces the completion of the process of selling fractional shares resulting from the increase in the company's capital as per the approval of the Extraordinary General Assembly held on 14/04/2021G as per the following:
Fractional Shares Selling End Date 2021-04-27 Corresponding to 1442-09-15
Number of Sold Shares 18165
Fractional Shares Sales Revenue 1106928.91 SR
Average Selling Price per share 60.937 SR
Date of Depositing Fractional Shares Sales Revenue in the Bank Accounts of Eligible Investors 2021-05-26 Corresponding to 1442-10-14
Name of /Method of Contacting the Entity in Charge of Distributing the Fractional Shares Sales Revenue The company has agreed with Riyad Bank to deposit the profits of the company's shareholders directly in their current accounts linked to their investment portfolios in which Al-Drees shares are deposited in any of the local banks. In the event of failure of the deposit process, any shareholder of the company can go to any branch of Riyad Bank to receive his profits or can contact the banks telephone no 920001816 or e-mail : or communicate with the shareholders' relations of the company on e-mail :


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MAY 26, 2021